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Boulevard Motorcar Company is a company that believes highly in the value of motorcars, not just collector motorcars, but more importantly in the unique value of the "rarest" of the rare motorcar.

Boulevard Motorcar Company was founded on the idea that as time moves onward "the Art of the Automobile" will continue to grow and prosper. We understand the principles of maintaining and collecting highly specialized automobiles and therefore have the passion for these wonderful pieces of art. It is for these purposes that Boulevard Motorcar Company is one of the world's leading companies in the acquisition, management, consignment and sale of both American and European coach built automobiles, as well as specifically "one-of-a-kind" automobiles.

CEO and Founder, Charles Bronson was born into the industry, where his father was a leading restorer in the early 1960's. Charles began his career in the early 1980's, as a restorer and auctioneer along side his father. Charles later moved into the trade of motorcars and realized that the "highly specialized" motorcars captured and fueled his interests.

Over many years Charles has developed a world wide client base that was founded on the principles of integrity, quality control, and service to the client. Boulevard Motorcar Company has a simple formula that any deal must be good and fair to all involved. We are one of the very few companies that works with the client from the point of acquisition to final restored product, if the client so desires.

CFO, Debbie Bronson is Charles loving wife, mother to his children and gal that keeps him grounded. We were lucky enough to meet in engineering class at college.
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