1966 Corvette 427


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1966 Corvette 427/450 By 1965, fuel injected small block engines were being phased out of the Corvette lineup in favor of a simpler solution to the challenge of delivering more horses to a power-hungry clientele: cubic inches, and lots of them. The new 396 CI V-8, a descendent of the Mark II 427 that had dominated NASCAR in 1963, made way in 1966 to the first production 427 CI big block in a Corvette. The new 427 was a serious step up in the horsepower wars of the period, serious enough that Chevrolet management furtively reduced the engine's original factory rating from 450 HP to 425, supposedly to belay mounting corporate management and insurance company concerns. Whatever motivated the decision, the real numbers remained the same, and the 427 Corvette would enjoy a long and glorious reign. This automobile is a 194 series with a 4 speed manual transmission, side exhaust and knocks off wheels. Inquire for more info.

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