1932 Stutz SV-16


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The example offered here carries bespoke coachwork by Derham, Inc., of Rosemount, Pennsylvania, one of the better known firms of the era. Like many coachbuilders, Derham earned its reputation catering to the carriage trade. With the advent of the automobile, Derham's clientele naturally looked to them to provide the same elegant and luxurious bodies for their motor cars. Known for the exceptional quality of their formal bodies, town cars and limousines, their open cars, though rare - were remarkably beautiful. The best known open styles were this roadster and a dual windshield phaeton for the Duesenberg known as the Tourster. Both shared a low windshield, and an elegant top line, and the roadster was noted for its handy door that provides access to the rumble seat area. The roadsters were built in a small series, with examples known on Duesenberg and Packard chassis in addition to this Stutz.

This car has benefited from a comprehensive professional restoration. It features twin sidemounted spares with metal covers, a single center mounted Pilot Ray driving light, and a rear mounted trunk.

Although the workmanship is older, it has clearly been well maintained, both cosmetically and mechanically. The car has begun to acquire a lovely and pleasing patina of originality. Few cars are both suitable to tour and good enough to show, but this Stutz Vertical Eight offers its next owner either possibility.

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