1934 Hispano Suiza J-12 Roadster


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1934 Hispano Suiza J-12(Bis 68) 11.3 Litres (Sensuous Steel) The French automaker Hispano-Suiza was among the elite in luxury car production and leaders of style, innovation, and design. The J12 was created for the discriminating buyer and priced well above what most could afford. The cars were fitted with nearly every imaginable luxury item available, which added a significant amount of weight, requiring a very powerful engine to carry the stately coachwork. The J12 was offered only as a rolling chassis with massive construction and a choice of four wheelbases. Two cars were fitted with long-stroke engines displacing 11.3 L (690 cu in) and delivering 250 hp, and several J12s were later upgraded to the larger engine. Each engine block was machined from a single 700 lb. billet. Carrosserie Fernandez et Darrin enjoyed an exceptional reputation and its body designs graced the era's finest chassis for the wealthiest and most discerning buyers. Their showroom was located on the famed Avenue des Champs-Elysees. Inquire for further info.

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