1937 Rolls Royce PIII Vesters & Neirinck


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1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Vesters & Neirinck. This PIII chassis was delivered on September 1 1937 to the Brussels dealer, Andre Pisart, S.A. for Mr. Jean Francqui. After being bodied by Vesters & Neirinck of Brussels, the car was delivered to Mr. Francqui on May 7 1938. This is one of eight two-door closed bodied PIII's and is believed to be the first without a "B" pillar. It is the only know PIII to be equipped at the factory with a tachometer. The car is reported to have been used by the King of Belgium and other members of the royal family, but not verified. It was used by Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery in Brussels in the fall of 1944. It was then acquired by the British Army of the Rhine in 1945, and used by Lt. General Sir Charles F. Keightley. After the war is was sold to a German civilian by the name of Derriks in 1958. The car first appeared in the USA in 1967, owned by H.C. Leighton of Florida. Jay Hampel of California 1968, John Weiderma 1970's, G. Gorgon Liddy mid-1980's, Charles Reilly late 1980's Douglas McCorkindale 1991. A ground up restoration was done to the car in 1992-94 and then was shown at Meadow Brook (1995 - Best of Show) RROC (1995 first in class) Pebble Beach (1995).

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